Coding on two computers

Doing the Rails course from work and home? This is possible! 

Progress through course:

For your course progress, if you mark each video "Complete" as you finish it, that progress will be saved across browsers as it's stored in your account.

For the code itself, Github was literally designed to keep a set of code synced between computers, people, networks, even continents, and the commands are very easy, even if this process isn't familiar right now.

General setup:

  • Set up both computers using
  • Do all intro work in the Rails course on one computer, until your first Github push.
  • Push your code to Github.

From here, you'll clone this project to the 2nd computer, which basically means it'll pull down your project and progress from Github.

Cloning to 2nd computer:

  • Go to your project page on Github
  • In the right sidebar, you'll see a section that says "SSH clone URL" - Click on "HTTPS" and the link will change - copy that URL.
  • In Terminal, type $ git clone [URL you just copied but without brackets] and hit Enter.
  • If you get stuck, these are more detailed instructions from Github's documentation

Each time you finish some work on one computer, push your changes to Github. Then you'll need to update the first computer with the work you've done. This is called a "fetch."

Fetching Updates from Github:

  • Go to the other computer and navigate to the folder where your project is using Terminal.
  • Run $ git fetch in that folder.
  • Terminal will spit out some stuff, but when you open your project in Sublime Text, it'll have the updates from the last time you pushed to Github.

You'll need to run the migrations on each computer separately, and any test app accounts you make on one computer won't show up on the other. (This sentence may not make sense now, but it will later in the course.)

If your computers ever get wildly out of sync and you start getting "conflict" errors that are too much trouble to fix, you can always delete the whole folder, and clone it again from Github using the steps above. ;)

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