Course-related questions and errors

The best place to start if you're having trouble in a course is to scroll past the video, and check out the Notes and Troubleshooting tabs. These may contain information on what commands were used, updates to software since the course was released, and common issues other students have run into.

Sample Course Notes and Troubleshooting

If you don't find your answer there, check out the Questions tab. These are questions from our community forums, which are divided by course, and have sections for each day or section. Any questions added to the Day you're on are listed in this tab so that it's easy to find people who have run into the same things you have.

Sample Course Questions Tab

If you're the first person who's encountered this issue - great! Make a post in the community. The more information you can include, the easier it will be to help you. This means links to your Github project and/or site, using Gists to paste copies of your code, and including the whole error message if you have one. 

Sample Community Post

The plaintext formatting button ( </> ) can also be used when posting your code in the community. You will have a chance to preview your post before it's submitted, to make sure the formatting is correct.

Community Posting Prompt

From there, you can still be proactive in finding a solution. Copy and paste the error message into Google, and see what pops up. Chances are, there are other people who've run into the same thing, and you should always try the solutions that are offered.

Sample Google Search

Stack Overflow is a great source of problem-solving for all things programming, and it's rare you'll find something that isn't at least mentioned there.

Sample Stack Overflow Search

If you find the answer, make sure to update your forum post with the solution, so that other people can learn from you! This is a great way to build a reputation as someone who is open and awesome to work with :)

When all else fails, send us a message, and we'll take a look at your project, and point you in the right direction.

Remember, the point of your One Month course isn't to pass a test, it's to learn how to program, how to create, how to learn. Doing it yourself will help you gain the skills needed to do this professionally, and is essential to growing as a human being. We believe in you!

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