Cancel your subscription

It is very easy to cancel your subscription directly from the app. When you do so, you will be able to finish out the rest of the billing cycle you've paid for - this is how you are able to subscribe to One Month on a month-by-month basis, if you know that you don't have the time for an ongoing subscription.

To cancel your subscription, go to Account Management.

Click on the Billing tab. Underneath the Plan information is a link to change your plan.

Here, you'll be able to cancel your subscription. We'd love your feedback on why you are canceling, so that we can work to make One Month better for you and others. Please don't be shy :)

If you'd prefer, you can also contact support directly by filing a ticket above, and requesting to cancel your account.

Please see our Refund Policy for more information on cancelling your subscription and our policies regarding refunds.

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